Syncing MAMP databases with Dropbox

Just a simple tip on how to use a symlink to sync your MAMP databases into your Dropbox. This makes working on dynamic sites a breeze when moving between different computers.

Move the current databases

First thing to do is move your mysql folder into Dropbox. It can be found at /Applications/MAMP/db/mysql and for example’s sake we’ll move it to ~/Dropbox/mysql

Once that’s done pop open Terminal (or iTerm 2 for extra winsauce) and navigate to the db folder inside MAMP /Applications/MAMP/db/. From here run the following terminal command

ln -s ~/Dropbox/mysql mysql

That will now create a symlink to your Dropbox and everytime you make a database change it will be automatically synced.

You can double check it was created successfully by running ls -ll in the same folder and you should see something like:

mysql -> /Users/