CSS inherit property

The CSS inherit property is one of those basic things that tends to get overlooked for some of the more glitzy CSS3 effects, but I just wanted to show a quick example of a common use that might help your day to day CSS antics.

Essentially the inherit property forces a child element to use (or inherit) its parent properties on a specific value. You might think that this happens automatically but one common example where this isn’t applied is changing the colour of an <a/> element.

<div class="wrap">
  <a href="#">Oh hai, a link</a>
.wrap {
  color: red;  /* My link didn't change */

The link would still be it’s original (usually ugly blue) colour and a common pattern is to now write a separate declaration to target the <a/> and repeat the colour again. A cleaner workaround is to force the <a/> to inherit the red colour applied to its parent like so:

.wrap {
  color: red;
.wrap a {
  color: inherit;

A very slight change, but it saves you repeating the same value